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The 10th Performing the World (PTW) conference will be held Friday, September 21 through 23, 2018 in New York City! Proposals are due March 1st.
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Performing the World

Performing the World (PTW) is a global community of hundreds of “performance activists” who explore the power of performance and play to create a better world. The PTW community creatively engages social problems, educates, heals and activates others, to bring new social-cultural-psychological and political possibilities into existence.

A project of the East Side Institute and All Stars Project, the biennial Performing the World Conference in New York — the first in 2001 — has been a gathering place to explore and celebrate performance as a catalyst for human and community development and culture change.

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We have to perform the world again – and we’re all involved in this – because this one stinks.

Fred NewmanCo-Founder, Performing the World

I am inspired by the growth of the global performance movement and the role that PTW is playing in it, as not only a conference/performance festival but also a unique community event bringing people together to perform a new world.

Lois HolzmanDirector, East Side Institute

I have always felt alien at conferences, but this time I was swooped into the centre by curious, adventurous and inclusive people. I have a latent performer within, that got to go nuts a bit. And that was great!

PTW participant

I am inspired to know that there are many other people ‘out there’ who are as interested in radical change and development as I am.

PTW participant

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