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Since 2001, Performing the World is an
international gathering to explore & celebrate
performance as a catalyst for human and
community development and culture change,
and thereby, to create a new and more humane world.


Performing the World 2016
Can We Perform Our Way To Power?

The current distribution of power is, at best, limiting and, at worst, destructive to humanity. Performance challenges the status quo by creating new ways of relating, new ways of learning, new ways of seeing and feeling, new kinds of institutions — new possibilities of all sorts…
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We invite participation from performers and performance scholars, psychologists and social workers, physicians and nurses, educators and youth workers, community organizers and activists, and all others for whom performance offers a new kind of tool in their human development, community building and political organizing work.

Conference Fees:

On or Before June 1, 2016…………….. USD $240.00*

After June 1, 2016……………….. USD $295.00*

* There is no one-day rate for the conference.


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