Performing the World 2 – Comments

What participants had to say about PTW2:

“I found PTW2 a very interesting and informative experience. I am inspired to know that there are many other people ‘out there’ who are as interested in radical change and development as I am.”

“It helped me stretch enough to see more clearly what I am doing in the work that I do.”

“It was the most challenging performance experience I have ever had. Usually when I perform, I have some mask I can wear and take on and off. It was strange and delightful to spend the weekend with a lot of unmasked performers. It helped me understand the honesty and energy it takes to commit to the performances we create.”

“Everyone was very conscious and proud of the skills they bring to the work they do. This created an environment conducive to sharing.”

“I have always felt alien at conferences, but this time I was swooped into the centre by curious, adventurous and inclusive people. In fact I have a latent performer within, that got to go nuts a bit and that was great!”

“It really had a wonderful impact on me. I wish I could attend something like that every month. I experience it as a very political and spiritual activity. ”

“Perhaps the more playful we can be with the most ‘serious’ of issues, the more developmental. Or perhaps it is only by playing together with content we find out what is significant to us?”